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Monitoro Alerts on Desktop, Laptop and Mobile
  • Real-Time Funding Alerts
    Stay ahead of the curve with instant notifications on new funding rounds, investor activities, and market shifts. Ensure you never miss an opportunity to secure investment or understand the competitive landscape.
  • Product Launch Monitoring
    Track your startupโ€™s product launch performance across multiple platforms in real-time. Gain insights into user engagement, feedback, and areas for improvement to ensure your product resonates with your target audience.
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis
    Leverage advanced sentiment analysis tools to monitor public perception and buzz around your startup on social media. Use these insights to adjust your marketing strategies, improve brand image, and engage effectively with your audience.
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Benefits of the Monitoro Platform


Stop refreshing websites, let us save you time.


Be the first to know critical updates.


Instant alerts, act swiftly before everyone.


Automate data entry based on your criteria.

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Fuel your growth with strategic insights.
We will never share your info with anyone.
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