New Product In Category On Amazon

by monitoro

This monitor allows you to track new product introductions in specific categories on Amazon. This can be useful for competitive intelligence, market research, or simply staying up-to-date on the latest products in your industry.

Brand Management

How to use

  1. Launch This Monitor
  2. Add webpages
  3. Connect Discord or your favorite app
  4. Kick back and relax!
Launch this monitor
How does this monitor work?
This monitor opens pages from favicon and tracks the following data around the clock:
Product Link
Product Title
Product Price
Whenever data meets this condition:
new item
You will receive the following alert:

New Product In Category On Amazon Alert

  • Product Link: {Product Link}
  • Product Title: {Product Title}
  • Product Price: {Product Price}
  • View Webpage: {url}

Connect Apps
This monitor can send alerts to any of these apps out of the box.
You can also customize it and connect any app supported by Monitoro to collect data and automate your work, no code needed.

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