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Stay on top of website changes that matter to you β€” right in your favorite apps.
No code needed.

How it works
Select data
Select data

Select data from any website to monitor for changes.

Create alerts
Create alerts

Choose an app to integrate alerts, syncing, automations etc …

You're all set!
You’re all set!

Monitoro triggers your favorite app every time data changes.

Monitoro integrates with
Google Sheets
Microsoft Teams
Monitoro sends a message to Discord using website data

Alerts for your team & community

Compose your alert messages using the data you're monitoring and send it to Discord, Telegram, Slack, Teams for:


Price drops


Restock and sold out status


News and announcements


New products and collections

Monitoro fills rows in Google sheets using website data

Automatic updates for your sheets and databases

Copy pasting from websites is so 2000s. Insert a new row or update an existing one in Google Sheets, Airtable, Supabase for:


Portfolio performance


New job postings


Supplier pricelist


Product reviews


Niche catalogs

Monitoro sends a message to Discord using website data

Triggers for your automations

Extend your automation platform such as Zapier, IFTTT, Webhooks or your own functions on AWS Lambda with custom triggers based on any website.

Just mix and match conditions to capture the specific changes you want, for example if a πŸ”Ž new search result contains a specific keyword , or if a πŸ’¬ new crypto transaction is for a certain amount.

Monitoro sends a message to Discord using website data

On your computer or 24/7 in our cloud

Monitoro supports both local and cloud monitoring.

☁️ Cloud extractors are always on and run 24/7, while πŸ’» local extraction allows to monitor pages on your computer, so pages behind a login load securely - without having to share your credentials.

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